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Superwash Merino Dyed Solid - Mills Ends --- 4 oz


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This is for Superwash Dyed Solid Merino Mills Ends.

These are fibers that is what is left after making the top for the merino to be sold. Some are just piece and some look like clouds of fibers. I have try my best to get as much of the same in each color. Great for blending, or making rolags or making batts.

Weight is 4 oz. , each color is 1/2 oz.

The picture is exactly how it looks. I put some bags together for people to try them out.

The colors are as follow: The colors are not in the order that they are in the picture.

Natural Neutral - This one has a hint of Pale Yellow, some natural colors are more on the yellow side.

Light Brown, Light Gray, Med. Gray, Dark Gray, Navy, Dark Blue, Pink

These are dyed at the manufacturer mill.

Thank you for your Business.

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